About Beth

Beth Wold, RN, MSN, NC-BC

My chronic illness journey changed my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined – and most of them (in the end) have been very good changes! After all my years knowing I was not feeling my best and struggling every day with crippling fatigue, pain, headaches, and memory loss to finally dragging myself to see countless specialists only to discover useless diagnosis and my illness was “all in my head.” I started my own recovery through the only way I knew how – that my body can heal itself from the inside out the natural way. Our bodies are remarkable beings and can recover if we give it the care and nourishment it needs to heal.

At the early age of 2, my daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease (another long story I am willing to share if anyone needs help in that area!). The only treatment was a complete diet change, in which we did, in fact, see a complete transformation in our daughter once we removed gluten. My kids were everything to me and I was not able to be there for them, physically, mentally or emotionally. I felt like a horrible mother, already divorced, so money and time were scarce. It was up to me to recover now – and quick!


So, I had a crisis and made a huge transition. I decided if I was going to get better and live the life that I wanted, it was all up to me. I had to rethink everything I had known, studied and believed wholeheartedly for many decades. The current model of medicine was no longer working for me, so I started my own research. It was my time to experiment and see what lifestyle changes I could make to turn my life around. That is where it started with clean eating and self-care. That was about all I had time to learn and do. Things improved and I was on my way, until…..

I had another crisis. But this time, I not only had several traumas within a few years, but one so challenging…..it actually brought me to my awakening and new meaning in life. After a couple horrible deaths in the family, in 2019, my stepson passed away at the age of 22 from a seizure. He had been treated, took his meds, and sought regular professional care, but one morning, he did not wake up. Nothing is worse than seeing all of your loved ones feeling the extreme pain of loss of someone so important in their life at such a young age, all experiencing this tremendous emptiness at the same time.

Through all that pain the entire family went through, it was an obvious time of change. For me, it was my time of awakening. You see, where Logan had passed away was the same hospital my mother had passed away in 36 years prior from colon cancer. The feelings that fermented were unexplainable. I knew my life as a nurse in the hospital setting needed to end, but I still had such a desire to help and care for people.

Through that process and the desire to being my best self, I fought to become healthier again and figure out a few lingering symptoms, especially chronic, severe headaches and all-over joint pain. The computer I used to dread for charting purposes, was now a welcomed alliance to educate me on wellness topics of interest, including naturopathic methods.

The more I talked to people the more I heard their stories of “it is all in your head” or “you are going to have to just live with it” being told to many more women than I ever could have imagined. Right then I knew I needed to share my story and how I was able to get on the other side of wellness. People all over were begging for help and I wanted to be the one to care for them! Soon, like a gift from heaven, I was introduced to Nurse Coaching. It resonated with every bone in my body in wanting to help others, in a new and unique way. I jumped into the course with both feet and this is where I am today. I love my career and how I get to change people’s lives once again! I now know that all the things that have happened to me over my lifetime have prepared me for this time in my life, so I can make a huge impact on others!

I have been a registered nurse since 1993 after attending the University of Iowa – go Hawkeyes! Prior to that I was a certified nursing assistant, so I could say I have been doing some type of “nursing” for 36 years! (yes, I am that old!) My experience spans many settings including high-risk labor and delivery, hospital, outpatient clinics, long term care, community education, and as a professor of nursing. Currently, I am living in Iowa with my supportive husband loving our 4 amazing children. My favorite thing in the world to do is to be on a warm, white, sandy beach listening to the crashing waves with a slight breeze blowing so you can get a refreshing scent of the gulf (or ocean) water.

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