Total Body Detox

It’s not enough to poop, but we all want to do it more, so let’s be real for a moment. There is nothing like the feeling of true elimination and the lightness of a clean colon. However, there is a right way to detox and a less effective way, and at the foundation of total health and healing is a good poop. More than that, a total body detox.

So, we’ve created the complete package of herbal science to collaborate with your body’s healing and elimination process. Because there’s no beer way to find pure happiness than in the gut. With liver and kidney support, blood and colon cleansing, as well as a premium gut health boost, you will feel lighter, your body will feel alive. Say hello to your best self. This is not a mere laxative, MIG’s Total Body Detox is brimming with herbs that support cell purification of both water and lipid/fat soluble toxins. Expect a good colon scrub, and a long-awaited true cleanse.

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