Waterless Body Lotion

Ritual Lotion Bars

MIG’s water-free Ritual Lotion Bars use shea butter and farm-fresh beeswax to hydrate and renew dry, lackluster skin.

This is a lotion beyond any other lotion on the market. It does not cause people further skin dilemmas like “special” creams and pharmaceuticals. Understanding nature and how it can heal the body has made this body lotion transformation for so many people with all kinds of skin problems. Jaime has been so grateful to help have helped thousands of people restore and reclaim the skin of their dreams and continues on her mission to help millions more.

While most lotions use water and thereby strip the skin of moisture, our Ritual Lotion Bars are 100% water-free.

And here’s why it makes all the difference…

Products containing water require toxic preservatives, stabilizers, and emulsifiers. Water also attracts water, so these products draw the moisture out of your skin and cause dehydration.

Our Ritual Body Lotion Bar uses shea butter and farm-fresh beeswax to hydrate the skin, which has a powerful impact:

1. Replenishes moisture to prevent dry, flaky scales that cause irritated skin
2. Restores elasticity for anti-aging benefits
3. Provides a barrier against the elements
4. Softens skin for that highly sought-after glow
5. Soothes broken skin and extreme dryness

The Lavender Lotion Body Bar has been making my skin so soft and has cleared up the dry patches that I usually have year-round. Also, the other day I decided to use MIG’s Lavender Lotion Body Bar on a problem area before bed, and when I woke up, IT WAS GONE! No more redness, no more dry, flakey patch. Thank you!

Kathi P.

My feet have never ever looked better using the Ritual Lotion Bar on them. Mine literally used to crack until they were bleeding. I turn off the shower, apply the lotion on my torso and arms, then legs and then one foot, and step out of the shower and then the second foot. My feet have never looked like this.

Elizabeth H.

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