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Rachel, age 55, Florida

“Working with Beth as my nurse coach was a life changing experience. At the time that we started working together, I was overweight, not exercising, and eating a high processed/fast food diet. I had been the primary caregiver for my mom for over 3 years who had recently passed away. I was not taking care of myself during this time and it was time for me to change this. Beth and I explored not only my physical health but also my emotional health of how I was dealing with my mom’s death. Beth took time to listen and ask the tough questions that I needed to dive deep and explore my goals. I was able to start walking daily and enjoying more sunshine and fresh air after setting goals to start moving. I now go for daily walks with my pups which we all love. My husband also started joining in with our daily walks which was a bonus. Now we are enjoying this time together daily. Beth also helped me to set goals to make better food choices and I am now meal prepping and eating a more plant based/whole food diet. I have lost 10 pounds and I am continuing to make these life style changes that will be permanent. Beth helped me to set goals and continue to reassess and set new goals as we continued to work together. Beth’s coaching helped me to realize I needed to address my emotions from the death of my mom to begin to be able to enjoy the beautiful memories she and I had together. I am now able to use my mom’s sitting room as my office space and I find comfort in spending time in that room and feel her love surrounding me. Beth gave me so much more than finding healthier habits, she helped me find my joy in the beautiful memories of my mom. I would recommend Beth to anyone that is looking for a nurse coach.”

Droma Balgobin

“It has been my pleasure working with Beth, she has been such an incredible mindful partner. To connect and share and take those moments of mindfulness was such a great experience. I was able to grow and learn with Beth as we discovered mindfulness together . Because mindfulness was so new to us we were able to learn and get creative with our mindfulness sessions . Beth has been so warm, thoughtful and reassuring as she exercised her mindfulness techniques. She has always remained resilient and has a strong desire to keep going and to learn and teach . I am so greatly to have worked with Beth as my first mindfulness partner and I know she will thrive and succeed in her nurse coaching leading her clients with powerful mindfulness practices.”

K.H., California

“The universe put Beth and I on the same path as mindfulness partners in the Collective. I have enjoyed our Zoom calls over the past 2 months! Beth is kind, caring, and genuine. She has all the qualities of a great Nurse Coach.

Beth is truly interested in me and what I am working towards. She would ask me personal questions that showed me she cared and was listening.

Although we are different women living different lives, we connected on a human/nurse level. I believe we have formed a supportive friendship in our short time together.

Thank you, Beth, for your kindness and compassion. I am grateful for you.”

Stacie Schultz Age 52 Iowa

“I recently had the opportunity to engage in a coaching session with Nurse Beth Wold. This was the first time I had done something like this before. I found it to be a very beneficial and rewarding experience, and it has encouraged me to make some personal changes.

Prior to my coaching session, I was having some blood pressure issues and dealing with discomfort and inflammation in my joints. After consulting several doctors about my concerns, I decided to try a coaching session with Nurse Wold. Nurse Wold’s sessions encouraged me to look at all aspects of my life when thinking about my physical health. She engaged me in goal setting and reflection of lifestyles and habits that may have contributed to my health issues.

Nurse Wold did an excellent job of guiding our conversations, while at the same time allowing me to make my own discoveries about my health. She provided resources for me in regards to reducing gluten in my diet. Although this is a new journey for me, I am encouraged by this as an alternative to medication.
I would recommend coaching with Nurse Wold to anyone looking to try a new approach to their health care. Nurse Wold will take time to guide you and set health goals with you. This is something I did not receive in previous medical care. It has been a very rewarding experience.”

Kelli, South Dakota

“I had an excellent experIence with Beth Wold as my nurse coach. Beth is very knowledgeable and gave me some great suggestions for improving my physical and mental well-being. Her suggestions were practical and realistic with specific things for me to personally work on to achieve a healthier, happier life.”

Selena E, Age 42, NE

“Beth was amazing to work with! She was so encouraging of the positive changes I was making in my life, held me accountable to my goals, helped me to see how far I had come and how much I was able to accomplish despite not so ideal situations. She also helped me to understand that it’s okay to have boundaries and I shouldn’t feel guilty for doing what’s right for my family and my mental health.”

Beth Madson 56, Arizona

“From a medical standpoint, nurse Wold & I were able to talk about cortisol & how stress has been building for a lifetime & its effect on slow weight loss. She really helped me realize that I’ve been carrying a lot of baggage for a long time and to see that by being kinder to myself and giving myself permission to remove some of the triggers in my life that I am finally able to live MY life. I no longer feel the need to provide value to those that don’t recognize, acknowledge or appreciate the things I do for them. In turn, I feel a lot less guilt about not being everything to everyone. Additionally medically, as I switch insurance plans, and therefore need a team of new medical professionals; nurse Wold was able to help guide me to a more “functional medicine” direction in my search to learn if there is more I can do to learn about the effects of stress, hormones and gut health in my quest for better health.

The thing I liked best about working with nurse Wold, is that she hit the ground running and we got to work immediately on getting to the root of my needs and what seemed to be holding me back from being as healthy as I wanted to be. There were no communication barriers and if you come to the sessions ready to work, you will start improving your life and health immediately.

I highly recommend this wellness coaching with nurse Wold for anyone who feels they could be healthier but need someone in their court who is objective and has a medical background. Additionally, if you are a workaholic or a “giveaholic” and seem to get all of your self-worth by working for or doing for others, this could be the missing link for you too.”

Julie B, Iowa

“I would highly recommend Beth Wold as a nursing coach. Beth is such a caring individual and really is concerned with her clients. Before I started working with Beth, I had a few issues going on in my life that she helped me get a grip on.

One of the first things was to examine my finances and make for a more secure future. With her advice, I talked to the business manager at work and set up automatic payments to be made to a savings account. This savings account did not exist before I started working with Beth. She gave me the motivation to go to the bank and set this up.

Another one of my issues was not getting proper sleep. I had very bad habits at night. Mostly when I would wake up I would look at my phone and then start checking email, scroll through Facebook, or play games. With Beth’s help, I now keep my phone out of reach and also turn it on silent at night.
My third issue was feeling guilty about not spending enough time with my aging parents. With Beth’s help, I am able to see that it is really not the quantity of time I spend with them, but the quality. I now go visit them once a week when I finish working on Sunday afternoons for an hour or so. It is amazing how much better I feel about this situation.

I enjoyed my time with Beth. She did not judge me and offered practical solutions for me to consider. She was not pushy. She encouraged me and helped me celebrate “baby steps” as we went on this journey together.”

Shannon Paxton, Savvy Bookkeeping Solutions

“Beth is such a pleasure. Her personal experience shines through in her business. She has lived it! Her passion is truly for helping people. It’s great to see this level of passion in a businessperson. I’ve spoken with her a few times now and always enjoy our chats. She is just wonderful!”

Cindy Jovanoski, Metro Fibromyalgia &CFS Support Group

“Beth is a kind & courteous businesswoman. She is easy to talk to and she wants to help others improve their health 100%.”

Leslie Grady, OPTAVIA Wellness Coaching

“Beth has a powerful story, and has found the key to restored health and well-being. I know she can guide anyone improve their health! She is very authentic, kind, fun, and interesting to talk to. I’m excited to explore her products and business more.”

Rosemarie Mitchell, Conscious Coaching

“Beth is an easy to talk to person. Loved her heart for seeing others do well and live pain free. Highly recommend.”

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